The History of our Original Sling System™

Our team includes the inventors of the Original Sling System™, so we are no strangers to developing paradigm-shifting products. We’ve returned to the market with innovative concepts that will once more revolutionize the sector. Learn more about this sling system and the rest of our EXO Sling Series.

About Slings

A sling is an easy-carrying tool to wear weapons on the body. It allows you to make the transition to your sidearm. It also allows the weapon to be carried at the front or side to free your hands and do other tasks. Law enforcement agencies, military units, and even airsoft players have used previous generations of slings.

Committed to Producing Quality Slings

Several sling systems, like the single-point sling, were and are still produced worldwide. Sling Guru continues to move forward with our cutting-edge new line of products. We are committed to delivering the highest quality slings that will keep you prepared. Our track record speaks for itself.

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