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EXO 07 Sling

EXO 07 Sling

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Innovative Concealability

The EXO:07 utilizes a proprietary harness that hides easily under your outer clothing to conceal your weapon. Combined with our revolutionary Flexible Swivel™ this sling system allows for easy discretion, simple operation and rapid response.

The quick release connector of the Flexible Swivel™ allows for fast and easy installation of a wide variety of firearms. This flexibility gives you the option to swiftly switch between weapons, adapt to changing conditions and be Always Ready℠!

  • Fast Installation
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Adaptable Design for Multiple Applications
  • Durable Lightweight Materials for Lasting Operation
  • Keeps Attached Equipment in a Ready Position

EXO Sling Series are the next evolution in carry systems! Keep your equipment on the cutting edge with the revolutionary gear from
Sling Guru™ — The inventors of The Original Sling-System™.

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