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EZ Sling

EZ Sling

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Simple Flexibility

We simplified the Sling System with this revolutionary 3 point sling. Learning from our previous success, we adapted the design for easier installation and use. The EZ Sling is universal and ambidextrous allowing it to fit any long gun or operator and enables you to acquire targets quickly while giving the flexibility of hands-free operation.

The design allows for carrying your weapon in a number of configurations. You can place the weapon in a holstered position on your back. While holstered, your hands are free to carry out other operations and, unlike other slings, keeps your weapon out of the way.  Your weapon can be quickly returned to a ready position from being holstered. The EZ Sling also allows you to put your weapon in Back Pack Mode which stores the weapon to your back like holstering but more securely. This is recommended for non-combat situations as it does not allow for fast retrieval of your weapon.

  • Flexibility to Allow “Holstering”
  • Provides Hands-Free Carry
  • Ambidextrous Design for Any Operator
  • Universal Application for Any Rifle, Sub-gun or Shotgun
  • Durable Lightweight Materials for Lasting, Stealthy Operation
  • Made from Heavy Duty Nylon
  • Wide Webbing Material Offers Comfortable Wear
  • Keeps Attached Equipment in a Ready Position
  • Quick Disconnect Buckle for Rapid Egress
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