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ID Sling System™

ID Sling System™

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Easy Identification

During training or while in the field it is important to identify lethal and less-than-lethal weapons and who is carrying them. When it comes to quick identification of these different types, the ID Sling Systemsimplifies things. You will no longer need to paint your weapons to identify them as the color coded slings easily and cost effectively communicate the lethality to anyone. In addition, since the sling is worn across the body, an observer can quickly identify the type of weapon the operator is carrying from multiple angles without seeing the weapon itself.

  • Color Coded for Fast Identification
  • Provides Hands-Free Carry
  • Adaptable Design for Multiple Applications
  • Durable Lightweight Materials for Lasting, Stealthy Operation
  • Keeps Attached Equipment in a Ready Position
  • Allows for Quick Transitions Between Primary and Sidearm Weapons
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