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ATSS Sling System

ATSS Sling System

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The Original Revolutionary

The Original Sling System (Advanced Tactical Sling System) has served in military and law enforcement units for more than a decade. Unlike anything on the market, the Sling System brought a new level of adaptability to the field. Judged to be the best weapon slings on the market by The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA), The Sling System was the only product of its kind to be endorsed by the NTOA.

Among its many innovations is its ability to be used universally on any rifle, sub-gun or shotgun. Its ambidextrous design allows for the freedom to fire from both the strong AND weak hand as well as the prone firing positions without having to remove the sling from your person. You can also place your weapon in a “holstered” position on your back to free up your hands for other tasks but your weapon can be quickly returned to a ready position from being holstered.

  • Flexibility to Allow “Holstering”
  • Provides Hands-Free Carry
  • Ambidextrous Design for Any Operator
  • Universal Application for Any Rifle, Sub-gun or Shotgun
  • Durable Lightweight Materials for Lasting, Stealthy Operation
  • Wide Webbing Material Offers Comfortable Wear
  • Keeps Attached Equipment in a Ready Position

The design inspired many imitators, but for the crew at Sling Guru it inspired a new generation of slings. The Sling System may not be our latest, but it still fills a role.

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